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September 10 to June 17
71 Nolan Rd
Morganville, NJ 07751



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Mission and Goal Further Explained in Curriculum

  • In Marlboro Hindi School (MHS) our goal is to teach Hindi language at a functional level so that students begin to communicate at an informal level and later progress towards acquiring sufficient language to communicate at a formal level in addition to acquiring reading and writing skills at a later stage of language acquisition. We use interactive 'communication' based teaching methods.
  • Text books will be used only to introduce new vocabulary, for review and reference and to reinforce concepts. Textbooks do not define the class curriculum.
  • It is also important that new vocabulary is introduced within a context, so that students understand when and where to use that vocabulary.
  • Specific methodology and/or language standards are not in the scope of MHS goals. At MHS, we follow the best possible practices suitable for our students.

We engage students in class activities and projects appropriate to their age and Hindi proficiency. Students are grouped according to their age and their language skills into three major levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advance. Each Level may be divided into two or more sub-levels, depending upon number of students enrolled at the respective level. Students' age and skill are considered in sub-levels. Students move up only when they acquire skills necessary to begin the next level. Accordingly, it may require more than one year at any sub-level/major-level.

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